Tento web nijak nesouvisí se společností SPAR a slouží pouze jako archiv její činnosti v ČR.

Czech Republic

Retail sales in SPAR Czech Republic increased marginally in 2010 to €522 million. This was a good performance in the context of the financial crisis which impacted negatively on many European economies. The average SPAR store size increased by 7% to 1,175m2 as a result of the closure of smaller stores.

SPAR in the Czech Republic is operated by 2 partners. SPAR Česká, part of the Aspiag Group and SPAR Sumava were granted the SPAR licence for the Czech Republic in 1992. In 1996, the two companies reinforced their position in the Czech market by establishing purchasing cooperation.

The Aspiag owned SPAR Česká accounts for the major part of the business and during the last year continued to invest in new stores with the opening of the 33rd INTERSPAR store. The new store was developed around the concept of creating different shopping worlds. Product worlds were developed which place the same type of product together e.g. baby world and household world. This saves time for the consumer and helps to create a more positive shopping experience.

Through 2010, SPAR Czech Republic focused on their sustainability strategy. SPAR stores have started to incorporate energy efficient LED lighting and cooling equipment. The implementation of this new initiative has led to a 20% energy decrease in lighting. In addition to this, all SPAR promotional flyers were printed on recycled paper.

SPAR Czech Republic is strongly committed to the training and development of its employees. The focus of training in 2010 has included communication and sales skills, improvement of soft skills and the development of presentation skills.

The training initiatives of SPAR are actively supporting a project run by the European Social Fund (ESF), which is aimed at improving the development and competitiveness of society.

The investment in the development of new hypermarkets and supermarkets highlights the determination of SPAR to compete aggressively with the leading international retailers. SPAR continues to introduce new services for customers, most recently making available personal on-line financial advice.

The majority of food retailing is foreign owned and is dominated by Tesco and Metro. Hypermarkets are the leading format in the food sector. It is expected that the Czech market will experience consolidation over the next few years. Discount food retailers will also continue to increase their presence as price becomes increasingly important.

Operating Companies:

SPAR Česká obchodní společnost s.r.o.

Nákupní 389/1
102 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 234 670 111
Fax: +420 234 670 119

E-mail: info@spar-cr.cz
Website: www.interspar.cz

Managing Directors Mr Martin Ditmar
Mr Christian Koller
Assistant to the Managing Directors Mrs Petra Svobodová
Mrs Kateřina Lakomá
PR & Communication Mrs Andrea Trckova
Human Resources Mrs Monika Kosinova
Marketing Mr Martina Malcová

SPAR Šumava s.r.o.

Nádražní 233
34201 Sušice
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 376 502 411
Fax: +420 376 502 441

E-mail: info@spar.cz
Website: www.spar.cz

For SPAR Šumava please contact Mr Franz Josef Kral